Love is…lazy afternoons & whole-body-smiling (The Cozy Edition)

“A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.”
-Robert Frost

entwined leaf

  • lemon meringue pie
  • movie marathons with good friends & red wine
  • living room dance parties (dancing my face off with people I love to Girl Talk and 90’s pop songs)
  • electric blankets and heating pads
  • blankets of glittery snow

glistening snow

  • snow resting on tree branches
  • candles that smell like homebaked cookies
  • 10 month old boys with philosopher’s eyes and flirtatious smirks
  • inside jokes
  • thai food at the mall

hot box

  • sending love notes to friends
  • sending handmade real-mail, just ’cause


  • dancing wildly in the passenger seat
  • walking through the hidden forest path behind the subdivisions, amongst old construction gear
  • crunchy snow beneath boots, frozen foot/paw prints
  • knit cowls covering red, cold cheeks
  • spooning with a warm dog
  • pumpkin spiced tea in a hand-thrown mug I bought from the Folk Festival


  • finishing a book and then starting another one right away
  • morning stretches for stiff limbs
  • telling the truth, sharing personal stories
  • dreaming of the craggy California coast
  • the book section/selection in thrift stores

i date them

  • laughing from my belly
  • those times when your whole body smiles (rather than just smiling with your eyes – suck it, Tyra!)
  • crying my eyes out when I want to, without swallowing it down
  • (slowly) learning to be my own best friend, even when/especially when shit gets tough (learn how to fall in love with yourself)

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