Nice to Meet You

I am a curious dreamer whose interests are scattered and fragmented and incomplete, but full of life and possibility (if only for a short while).

I am a lover of cozy spaces and wide open landscapes, with a deep itch to travel and explore (but I generally settle for a warm cup of tea and a good book)

I have an insatiable craving for knowledge and lifelong learning.

I adore nature and nature themed home decor, belgian beer, farmer’s markets, afternoon road trips, sushi, homemade curry soups, neko case, curly hair, DIY beauty, nostalgia, laughing/laugh lines, legwarmers, alliteration, feminism(s), cut ‘n’ paste, creativity in its many forms, books, librarians, and magnetic poetry. I love making lists of the things I love and the moments that fill my heart.

I live with my lovely partner in a loft apartment with high ceilings and green walls inΒ a small and vibrant city in South Eastern Ontario.

I daydream about owning a small house in the country with alpacas one day.

This is a quiet space to gather inspiration and love and enthusiasm.
and connect with others along the way.

Passion creates purpose.



22 thoughts on “Nice to Meet You

  1. So very happy that you found me so that I could find you! Thank you for your sweet comment on my creativity blog. I’m delighted to read yours! Great writing and wonderful photos. Thank you so much for reaching out, and I hope we’ll be in touch. It sounds like we have some fabulous common ground (oh my, I am ALL about the laugh lines).

    1. Aw, your comment just made my morning! So sweet of you πŸ™‚ haha, I hope as I age, I’ll collect more and more laugh lines on my face!

      Yeah, it’s great to find others with similar interests and ways of living – love it! I especially love your idea of the ‘creativity campfire’ (two amazing things, combined)! I’m excited to read/hear more. xo.

    1. Hey Conor, thanks so much for the awesome feedback! I will most definitely keep up the good fight *high five* πŸ™‚ Also, I’ve been perusing your blog and I am really loving it. I’m following you right back!


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