Published Words

Poetry // Essays // Book Review
Review of Becoming Women: The Embodied Self in Image Culture by Carla Rice – Critical Disability Discourses Journal, York University, Volume 7, 2015. (downloadable pdf)

I, My Oppressor – Broad Magazine, Issue 62: Dis(sed) Abilities, December 2013, p 76.

What You Think You Know No Longer Exists – Broad Magazine, Issue 63: Health and Wellness, November 2013, p 13.

Mapping Out Memories: A Creative Prompt Exploration of Downtown – Neighbourhoods: A Peterborough Anthology of Creative Words & Visual Art (Presented for Artsweek Peterborough, Published by Jackson Creek Press), September 2013.

On Becoming Silent (Silenced) – Broad Magazine, Issue 57: Class & Power, April 2013, pp 52-53.

Between-the-Stacks – Nest Magazine (Gutterbird Collective), Issue 9: Feb/March 2013, p. 15.

Her Body Tells Stories – Yeah Write Review, Volume 1, Autumn 2012.

Marginalized Narratives: The Personal and the Political – The Journal of Undergraduate Studies (JUST), Trent University,  Vol 1 (2007).


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