Love is…bus rides & Fever Ray albums on repeat

“Poetry is the liquid voice that can wear through stone.”
-Adrienne Rich

  • sunrises over farmer’s fields with Ohbijou pouring out the car’s speakers
  • warm sun on my face in the middle of winter


  • the artistic perspective of powerlines
  • staring at the bare trees blurring-by outside dirty bus windows
  • sumac along the highway
  • abandoned buildings and deep knotted overgrowth


  • sunsets over the water
  • the haunting pull of Fever Ray
  • crackled ice on the beach and numb fingers


  • illustration ink pens
  • writing love letters to myself
  • blank notebooks (the fear and excitement of possibilities)
  • fancy Chianti wine and funny You Tube videos
  • Whopper Wednesday date with my second-parents
  • talks with friends and knowing that I am not the only one who feels lost (and knowing deep down that there are new meaningful things out there waiting to be found)
  • handling pain flare-ups with patience rather than just frustration
  • getting excited about documentary film festivals and upcoming shows (Julie Doiron‘s voice makes my heart meeeeelt)What made you smile this week?

3 thoughts on “Love is…bus rides & Fever Ray albums on repeat

  1. Another 12 Novels in 12 Months says:

    As usual your blog post makes my little heart happy. I adore your pictures and the list. There’s always something on them that I have to investigate and it quickly becomes apparent as to why it makes you happy.

    Keep up the great work; I admire your strength and positive outlook on life.

    (Also, I wanted to say thank you again for the lovely awards you gave me way back in September. I never forgot about them, I just wanted to wait until my blog was where I wanted it to be before I displayed them.)

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      Aw Sandra, you are so lovely and thoughtful! Your words made me grin (and also remind me that I need to start paying attention to these small, meaningful things again, instead of getting caught up in the windstorm of my mind). I’ve been neglecting wordpressworld and writing these days, so I’m sorry for my late reply! I hope you’re doing awesome and that you’re rockin’ your writing! xo.


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