Love is…New Years and New Purpose (a Reflection)

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”
-Brad Paisley


2012 was a year full of contradictions and extremes. It was a year full of struggle, loss, and change. It was a year that started off with health problems and a bout of depression and ended in a transitional place inched (much) closer towards healing.

Nestled between the stressful experiences, rebelling body, and self-torturous over-analyzing though, were moments (and deeper pockets) of pure elation, playful curiosity, bursts of creativity, lightness of love, and a shit-ton of laughter.


This past year, I learned (and continue to learn again and again) to cultivate mindfulness, to let go of control and expectations, to ease out of anxiety, to connect to spirit, to find beauty in the ordinary, to find courage and take the risks of letting go, to ask for and openly receive support (when I can no longer do it on my own).

The story is not in the words; it’s in the struggle
-Paul Auster


I (re)learned how to knit, I poured my energy and passion into co-organizing an art show at work, I invested in a writing course and re-discovered my passion for writing, I submitted pieces and got published, I committed to exploring and expanding my creativity, I captured everyday wandering/the wonder of daily life with my camera, I handmade the majority of my gifts, I found awe and peace in nature, I spread love to the important people in my life through both words and action, I connected with some amazing new people and reconnected with old friends, I dug deep into myself to dislodge old ghosts, I invested (and continue to invest) in my own health.


I basked in the sun, I smiled in the rain, I drank good beer and better wine, I witnessed amazing live music, I went on cozy retreats, I explored new and old towns, I loved someone as much as I possibly could, I lived in the moment(s), I found humour in most situations (even the tough ones), I found meaning between the pages of books and between the spoken words of inspiring friends and family.


Instead of just writing down clichéd, worn resolutions, I’m thinking about the core feelings, words, and ‘truths’ that I want to create and embrace for this coming year:

  • to create (no matter how small!)
  • to have a continued love affair with words
  • to help others and to make people smile
  • to inspire/to connect with others/to inspire and be inspired
  • to nurture myself intellectually/ always learn (devour knowledge!)
  • to commit to inner self-growth
  • to share moments
  • to never lose my sense of wonder and curiosity
  • to find beauty in the world around me
  • to always find something to laugh about/embrace quirkiness
  • to explore and find adventure (even in the small things!)
  • to always think critically/ask questions/stay passionate about issues that are important to me
  • to be genuine and authentic
  • to continue on the path to self-love and learn to trust myself
  • to prioritize my own needs first instead of running on empty
  • to feel awake and alive
  • to keep breathing

What do you want to create this year? What are your purposes?

I am Love

 Happy New Year, friends! Here’s to new adventures, new purpose, new connections, new growth, new learning, and new things to celebrate! xoxo.

4 thoughts on “Love is…New Years and New Purpose (a Reflection)

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      Aw thanks! I’ve been trying to cultivate lots of peace this past year, I think this year I am definitely going to include some more adventure, travel, and excitement 🙂

      Hope your new year is off to an awesome, inspired start, CB! xo.

  1. Apryl says:

    My Dear -the wonderful thing about you…the thing I love most – you already ARE these things! Do not underestimate or doubt. You are phenomenal! You continually amaze, enthuse & incite. You are stunning! The best part about that?! It’s not just on the outside – it is all the way through 🙂 HUGS – so many this New Year!!!

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      Aww Apyrl!! Holy crap, you’re making me tear up!! haha. You are so generous hearted and have been a fantastic friend and source of support this past year – I’m so grateful! You are just as vibrant and inspiring! Here’s to an inspiring New Year full of new adventures and fabulousness 😉 (high five!) xoxo.


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