Photo Journey Part 6

This is the last segment of my 30 Days of Creativity challenge!

Day 26: Find Something That is Always Growing

Day 27: Document a Favourite Building

Day 28: Explore History

Day 29: Capture the Light

Day 30: Let a Picture Tell a Story

26. [growing pains]: I’ve been doing so much self-discovery these days – stretching, confronting, breaking open, spilling out, healing, repeat. There is no shadow without the light of the sun.
27. [the view from here]: I decided to capture the inside of the building. It’s a place where I provide support. The big windows with the stained glass tower above me as a climb the winding stairs. So peaceful.
28. [dream come true]: This prompt was the trickiest for me. I had some many ideas that didn’t work out. I finally narrowed in on this message that has been sprawled on the side of a building for years. I wonder if “Dave” still lives up to this image? I wonder if it’s all painful history now? I also was drawn to this in order to mourn my own dreams that have fallen and slipped away.
29. [reflections on water]: When I was sitting in my favourite ‘spot’ by the river, the sun beamed through the tree branches and its reflection exploded off the water (Lily also loved the scenery – see her little smiling head in the corner?)
30. [mother and son]: During my almost daily walk along the river, a mother and son brought their coffee over to the big rocks that line the water. They sat down together to chat. I could hear the kid laughing. I wonder what their story was?

If you participated in this challenge, what did you discover about your city or yourself? What was your greatest or most surprising lesson?

So much love and discovery to you!


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