Photo Journey Part 6

This is the last segment of my 30 Days of Creativity challenge! Day 26: Find Something That is Always Growing Day 27: Document a Favourite Building Day 28: Explore History Day 29: Capture the Light Day 30: Let a Picture Tell a Story 26. [growing pains]: I've been doing so much self-discovery these days - … Continue reading Photo Journey Part 6

Love is….the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge

So, the kick-your-ass (in a really good way) inspiring 30 days of creativity project begins again today! Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s been a year already since I first made my attempt at it. To be honest, I initially hesitated about committing myself to it (last year, a deficit in self-reflection and lack of … Continue reading Love is….the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge