Jeanette Winterson & Newfoundland Adventures Part One

Creativity is when two seemingly separate and distant things can be merged together to make something meaningful.

Last summer, we went on a wonderous adventure, traveling around Newfoundland – a rented car packed high with cheap supermarket food, camping gear, clothing for all seasons (the mighty Atlantic plays unpredictable tricks!), and hearts full of spontaneity.

Jeanette Winterson is my absolute favourite story-teller, poet, and author (other than Virginia Woolf) – eloquent, subversive, soulful, and body-shiveringly erotic (not to mention, saucy!)

I’ve decided to let Jeanette narrate my adventure. Or, depending on how you look at it, letย my adventure illustrate Jeanette’s narration.








What are ways in which you have synthesized two different things into something new?

What does ‘creativity’ mean to you?


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