Jeanette Winterson & Newfoundland Adventures Part Two: Explorations of Land, Writing, and Self

Journal Prompts (inspired by Jeanette Winterson)

How do you “live in the space between chaos and shape”? How do you interpret that?

(One of my favourite paragraphs from my favourite book)

Where do you explore? How do you explore your body or the body of others? If you were writing a poem, how would you describe these experiences?

What does writing mean for you? What role(s) does an author play in our culture?

Where do you see yourself reflected? How do you perceive it?

Would you describe yourself as wild or tame? Or do you have parts of both? Are you ever a contradiction?

Where do you search for love? How far would you go?

How would you describe your most larger-than-life love? Does it consume you? What is your love’s ‘truth’?

(Okay, this is actually my favourite paragraph 😉 ) 

What two seemingly conflicting values do you hold? What makes you mind/soul fiery? What ‘tames’ or softens you?

Where does your favourite literature transport you? Does your writing reveal or conceal?

Where does your story begin? What does the room or landscape look like? Imagine or describe it in detail.

What is the substance you wish to change inside yourself?

What colour(s) represent you? Why? Do you ever tone it down in order to conform or fit in?

What role do emotions play in your life? Do you hide them or express them freely?

4 thoughts on “Jeanette Winterson & Newfoundland Adventures Part Two: Explorations of Land, Writing, and Self

  1. C.B. Wentworth says:

    I’ve never had control over my emotions. I wear them openly and proudly, even if it embarrasses me in public. 🙂 I cry in movie theaters, laugh boisterously no matter where I am, and wear a scowl when I’m mad. What’s life without feeling? I’d rather feel everything than nothing at all.

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      I love this. It’s so important to be genuine and authentic! I’ve always been more of a ‘feeler’ (though I definitely am a theorist, analyser, and live in my head at times), but I’ve gone through stages in my life where I’ve struggled to share the true feeling parts of myself. I used to be afraid to tell people how I felt about them, I used to be afraid to show negative emotions (especially anger), I used to be (and still am to a degree) afraid to cry in front of other people…It’s pretty terrible how expressing feelings (especially the ‘messy’ ones) can be seen as shameful or even taboo. I resisted these feelings for quite awhile because I was rebelling against the idea that my gender was supposed to be ’emotional’ and therefore ‘irrational’. Really, I lost myself in that.

  2. cravesadventure says:

    Great Post! I am the type that wears there heart on their sleeve and at times it gets me into trouble. I am learning to know when not to express my emotions though too. Happy Thursday!

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      Thanks for your reply and thoughts! It’s great that you can be really genuine and open like that though. I think as long as you’re true to yourself, it doesn’t matter so much how other people respond 🙂

      Happy Weekend!


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