Try This: Play Girl Talk

I love nostalgia. I am a fan of irony as well. I’m not usually a fan of board games, but there was a game that I never had when I was young (and thankfully so, because it could be quite detrimental to a young girl’s self-esteem as well as being highly gender stereotyped and heteronormative. ugh).

While in university as a women’s studies major, I looked for it every time I went thrift shopping, hoping to own what my 12-year-old self used to crave. I wanted to view it from a whole new set of eyes and knowledge, and to be thoroughly entertained by it. I finally stumbled upon it for about $4! I’ve played it twice since. Zits and prank phone calls and crushes, oh my!

So play Girl Talk! Play an old board game you used to love or always wanted to own!  Gather some friends, drink some beer, be silly and see what happens!

2 thoughts on “Try This: Play Girl Talk


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