Love is….the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge

So, the kick-your-ass (in a really good way) inspiring 30 days of creativity project begins again today! Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s been a year already since I first made my attempt at it. To be honest, I initially hesitated about committing myself to it (last year, a deficit in self-reflection and lack of … Continue reading Love is….the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge

Jeanette Winterson & Newfoundland Adventures Part One

Creativity is when two seemingly separate and distant things can be merged together to make something meaningful. Last summer, we went on a wonderous adventure, traveling around Newfoundland - a rented car packed high with cheap supermarket food, camping gear, clothing for all seasons (the mighty Atlantic plays unpredictable tricks!), and hearts full of spontaneity. … Continue reading Jeanette Winterson & Newfoundland Adventures Part One

Love is…self-expansion & bright colours

community gardens and new blooms spending a day off doing a circuit of the downtown coffee shops, consuming lots of caffeine, writing, reading & networking.  graffiti in the washroom: "for a good time, try knitting" girl on the street with punctuation printed tights! grammar nerd love! (i'm not a fan of american apparel, but there are … Continue reading Love is…self-expansion & bright colours

Love is…frugality & kazoos

Sunday Love on a Monday raw, honest conversations that increase understanding and intimacy my personal thoughts being both acknowledged and challenged, leading to more personal growth (and decreased anxiety, bonus!) sushi dates at Matsu (mmmm spicy tuna!) spending half the day naked new snazzy outfits! (not mine) new vintage-esque bras! (mine!) (bonus: straps that don't … Continue reading Love is…frugality & kazoos