Love is…old photos & new celebrations

nostalgia and reconnection lights off, white sheets pinned to wall, old projector, glass of wine, the four of us gathered on the couch, a large box of slides you didn’t know existed, family history of photographs dated 1973-1989 (my mum, aged 20, skinny like me, long hair in pig tails, tiny bikini, model-esque poses, shy … Continue reading Love is…old photos & new celebrations

Love is…laugh lines and the letter “P”

Monday is the new Sunday, apparently. mindfulness meditation (learning to be fully present in the moment -even if only for a moments here & there- letting go of expectations and the desire to change everything all the time...just.simply.stopping. <---it's not simple) Charlotte's blueberry bran muffins (the key is molasses here, folks) participating in positivity, praise, … Continue reading Love is…laugh lines and the letter “P”