Breathing Room – Creating Space Between You and Your Pain

I have been writing "morning pages" everyday for the past three weeks. This act has been so loving, comforting, and illuminating. When I was young, I used to write furiously in my journal almost every day. It was mostly complaining and general angst. I didn't glean any insights from it at the time, it was … Continue reading Breathing Room – Creating Space Between You and Your Pain

Cultivate Your Joy!

Pretty exciting news, friends! I've officially had a couple of pieces published in Sprout Magazine's latest issue about Joy! Here's my interview about the ways that I cultivate joy in my life (even within the heavy, dark, messy, lonely places) Amanda Fall is the gorgeously dedicated creator behind the publication. She's got a huge heart … Continue reading Cultivate Your Joy!

The Topic of ‘Want’ and the Search for Meaning

This is a good article: A good life is not the same thing as a meaningful life.¬† And the search for a meaningful life does not necessarily lead to a dramatically changed life. Sometimes we seek meaning by finding something new, adding to our lives, or creating change.¬† Other times, when we pay attention, we … Continue reading The Topic of ‘Want’ and the Search for Meaning

On ‘scanners’ and dreams

Concentration¬†is something I struggle with on a semi-regular basis. I carry around an overwhelming amount of thoughts and ideas in my head, swirling and dizzying, but I rarely stop to write them down - to collect and make sense of them. Inspiration strikes and then dissipates almost as quickly as it arrived. I find myself … Continue reading On ‘scanners’ and dreams