Love is…a pen, journal, and lots of caffeine

So, it's been quite awhile since I've been here. I had taken a hiatus that was both intentional and unintentional. An intentional move,in order to give myself some space from the pressure of always having something to say, and unintentional, due to some pretty tough physical and emotional experiences I've struggled through these past few … Continue reading Love is…a pen, journal, and lots of caffeine

Sometimes…(opening an honest conversation)

Sometimes writing these love lists is difficult. One reason is because I never remember to write down the good things after they happen and when the times comes around to compile them, I'm mentally scrambling trying to remember them all. Another reason is because well, sometimes I don't feel positive at all. Sure, there are … Continue reading Sometimes…(opening an honest conversation)

banjos & beer, forests & friends

A new direction.... Once you get out of the habit of updating regularly, it becomes really easy to completely lose momentum and motivation. Schedules become busy, focus is elsewhere, time is used up on other things and space is limited. I think in celebration of trying to learn to keep things simple, I will be … Continue reading banjos & beer, forests & friends