Blogger Award Love

Over the last little while, I've received a few wonderful Reader Awards from some super lovely fellow women bloggers. A huge thanks to Jazz for the Reader's Appreciation Award. She has a lot of beautiful photos and content over at Milkshakesinspring. Another big thanks to Denise at PoetryCurator! Much appreciation for the Sunshine Award. She is … Continue reading Blogger Award Love

An Open (Love) Letter to Those Who Are Struggling

This is a love letter of sorts. For those who are struggling, stuck, confused, scared shitless. For those who are lost, who are unsure of what to do with their lives, or where to go from here. For those who don’t fit in, who don’t feel like they belong, who feel ‘different’ and out-of-place. For … Continue reading An Open (Love) Letter to Those Who Are Struggling

Adventures at Small Pond: A Writing Retreat for the Soul

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of doing a short writing residency at this amazing 87 acre farm just outside Picton, Ontario. Small Pond Arts is a wild, sprawling space that includes an arts retreat centre, an art studio, and a ridiculously charming residence with an open kitchen, peaceful rooms, and a huge front … Continue reading Adventures at Small Pond: A Writing Retreat for the Soul

Love Letters to the World: How to Cultivate Connection With the Stranger on the Park Bench

“What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.” ― Kurt Vonnegut I've been hiding little love notes all over my city. I've been going through a lot of personal life changes lately, … Continue reading Love Letters to the World: How to Cultivate Connection With the Stranger on the Park Bench

Love is…Art & Community

This week, I'd like to place the focus around these two words, the concept of community more specifically. This week, a lot of passion and hard work finally materialized into an incredible event that I feel so privileged to have been at the forefront of (with the collaborative effort of a beautiful, talented, compassionate and … Continue reading Love is…Art & Community

Sometimes…(opening an honest conversation)

Sometimes writing these love lists is difficult. One reason is because I never remember to write down the good things after they happen and when the times comes around to compile them, I'm mentally scrambling trying to remember them all. Another reason is because well, sometimes I don't feel positive at all. Sure, there are … Continue reading Sometimes…(opening an honest conversation)

Love is…positive politics & pizza parties

friends and others coming together in community (mourning, sharing, crying, telling stories, sharing experiences, laughing) seeing friends who generally live so far away long distance calls from Bali sharing guacamole at the Only cafe being more and more in love everyday watching movies under blankets...with bags of potato chips people laughing in the kitchen people … Continue reading Love is…positive politics & pizza parties