Blogger Award Love

Over the last little while, I've received a few wonderful Reader Awards from some super lovely fellow women bloggers. A huge thanks to Jazz for the Reader's Appreciation Award. She has a lot of beautiful photos and content over at Milkshakesinspring. Another big thanks to Denise at PoetryCurator! Much appreciation for the Sunshine Award. She is … Continue reading Blogger Award Love

Love is…beautiful friends & committing to what you love

The 120 Day 'Do What You Love' challenge by Pollyanna Darling. I've got more than enough challenges and projects going on, but if anyone is interested in taking this inspiring challenge on, go for it!  What do you love? What do you want to commit yourself to? buying a stainless steel water bottle with a moose … Continue reading Love is…beautiful friends & committing to what you love

Blogger Award Love!

I received a really unexpected, yet lovely surprise from a fellow (awesome) photo blogger, MilkshakesInSpring! She nominated for for two Blogger Awards - thanks a ton!! I am incredibly appreciative 🙂 So now, I am supposed to reveal 7 interesting facts about myself. Here goes: 1. I've always wanted to be able to play an … Continue reading Blogger Award Love!

Love is…self-expansion & bright colours

community gardens and new blooms spending a day off doing a circuit of the downtown coffee shops, consuming lots of caffeine, writing, reading & networking.  graffiti in the washroom: "for a good time, try knitting" girl on the street with punctuation printed tights! grammar nerd love! (i'm not a fan of american apparel, but there are … Continue reading Love is…self-expansion & bright colours

banjos & beer, forests & friends

A new direction.... Once you get out of the habit of updating regularly, it becomes really easy to completely lose momentum and motivation. Schedules become busy, focus is elsewhere, time is used up on other things and space is limited. I think in celebration of trying to learn to keep things simple, I will be … Continue reading banjos & beer, forests & friends