30 days of creativity

Just in time! I just discovered this really amazing social initiative called "30 Days of Creativity" which encourages others to create one thing (it can be anything) a day for the entire month of June (but really, it can be any month). What a great idea! Most people are often intimidated by the word 'creative', … Continue reading 30 days of creativity

garden herbs & soup

Yesterday, I spent the latter part of my afternoon sitting on a lovely friend's porch, sipping earl grey tea and talking about sex, relationships, work and gardening. the sun was finally out, the air was slightly humid and my heart felt full with the anticipation of summer (sitting in parks, swimming in rivers, going on … Continue reading garden herbs & soup

The Art of Breathing, among other stress relievers

I'm usually quite open to admit that i live with anxiety. It's a state where my mind races with a vast number of different thoughts and worries, never resting. Sometimes this can be positive and energizing, producing new ideas and multiple new ways of viewing things. A lot of the time though, it leaves me … Continue reading The Art of Breathing, among other stress relievers

Building Community with Local Food

Despite my lack of experience and action, I'm really interested in learning more about issues of food sustainability, local food action projects and community gardens. I'm lucky to live in a city with a strong connection to and appreciation for the agricultural roots of our community. Right now we have a farmer's market that runs … Continue reading Building Community with Local Food