Sexy Scents – A Blend for Lovers (Let’s Just Love Eachother)

Day 26: I made a sexy massage blend using the aphrodisiac oils of rosewood, clary sage, ylang ylang and neroli. These oils are also really relaxing. They have a really useful basic recipe for DIY massage oil over at AromaWeb. For some good blending ideas, they also have a number of classic blends as well as … Continue reading Sexy Scents – A Blend for Lovers (Let’s Just Love Eachother)

Mexican Vermicelli Soup & Watermelon Granita = foodgasm

Day 22: Today I got a burst of inspiration and motivation to cook an actual dinner. I say 'actual' because lately, I've been so fatigued and distracted that I've been eating bagels and cream cheese, or cereal, or a random-selection-of-whatever-is-in-the-cupboard. It was rainy and a bit cooler out today so thought making something warm and … Continue reading Mexican Vermicelli Soup & Watermelon Granita = foodgasm

Food For Your Belly, Food For Your Skin

Yesterday was such a beautiful day (until I got too much sun + not nearly enough water = got really dizzy and sick). I made two trips to the market. The first time I randomly met up with a few lovely friends who I rarely see these days. I wasn't early enough to score any … Continue reading Food For Your Belly, Food For Your Skin

Livingroom picnics & Fresh Rhubarb Sauce

Okay Day 9! What an awesome day it's been. I treated myself to a massage this morning (achiness to the extreme), had an epsom salt bath, then took a nap. A very lovely friend came over, bringing a picnic with her! We were supposed to have it outside, but due to the threatening sky and the … Continue reading Livingroom picnics & Fresh Rhubarb Sauce

Day 8: Sweet Dreams, Lil’ Night Owl

Day 8 of 30 days of creativity, I made a sweet smelling owl buddy to tuck under my pillow when I sleep. He smells of herbal aroma-goodness, his belly stuffed with lavender, chamomile, rose and flax seed. I need some good restful sleep, for once.             I cut out basic … Continue reading Day 8: Sweet Dreams, Lil’ Night Owl

30 days of creativity

Just in time! I just discovered this really amazing social initiative called "30 Days of Creativity" which encourages others to create one thing (it can be anything) a day for the entire month of June (but really, it can be any month). What a great idea! Most people are often intimidated by the word 'creative', … Continue reading 30 days of creativity

On Wellness and Balance Part 2

Wellness is also about balance. We all play different roles in our lives (student, mother, partner, employee, volunteer, crafter extraordinaire,  friend, social activist, etc). How much energy do we invest in each? Do we ignore certain parts of ourselves? If you were to rate the percentage of all the different aspects of your health, which … Continue reading On Wellness and Balance Part 2

On Wellness and Balance Part 1

Health is not only the absence of infirmity and disease, but also a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing --World Health Organization We can also include other social determinants of health, such as environmental (a safe home, free from toxins and pollutants), spiritual (secure belief system, experiences beyond oneself, a connection with nature) , … Continue reading On Wellness and Balance Part 1

garden herbs & soup

Yesterday, I spent the latter part of my afternoon sitting on a lovely friend's porch, sipping earl grey tea and talking about sex, relationships, work and gardening. the sun was finally out, the air was slightly humid and my heart felt full with the anticipation of summer (sitting in parks, swimming in rivers, going on … Continue reading garden herbs & soup