Love is…mindfulness & dancing in the back seat

sometimes I'm too lost in my own thoughts to be fully awake to it, sometimes I'm too self-conscious to fully participate in it, sometimes my unrealistic expectations prevent me from fully adapting to it, sometimes I'm too deeply & desperately clutching to a sense of control to fully let myself go in the presence of … Continue reading Love is…mindfulness & dancing in the back seat

Love is…liquid pick-me-ups & crossed legged slow-me-downs

going into work feeling like utter-shit...then getting the day off to rest & recover surprise visits and couchsurfing exploration (seriously, if you've never done it, check out that site. cheap way to travel and connect at the same time) new skirt that looks foxy with brown tights after a few days of feeling completely listless, … Continue reading Love is…liquid pick-me-ups & crossed legged slow-me-downs

Love is…old photos & new celebrations

nostalgia and reconnection lights off, white sheets pinned to wall, old projector, glass of wine, the four of us gathered on the couch, a large box of slides you didn’t know existed, family history of photographs dated 1973-1989 (my mum, aged 20, skinny like me, long hair in pig tails, tiny bikini, model-esque poses, shy … Continue reading Love is…old photos & new celebrations

Love is…positive politics & pizza parties

friends and others coming together in community (mourning, sharing, crying, telling stories, sharing experiences, laughing) seeing friends who generally live so far away long distance calls from Bali sharing guacamole at the Only cafe being more and more in love everyday watching movies under blankets...with bags of potato chips people laughing in the kitchen people … Continue reading Love is…positive politics & pizza parties

Love is…laugh lines and the letter “P”

Monday is the new Sunday, apparently. mindfulness meditation (learning to be fully present in the moment -even if only for a moments here & there- letting go of expectations and the desire to change everything all the time...just.simply.stopping. <---it's not simple) Charlotte's blueberry bran muffins (the key is molasses here, folks) participating in positivity, praise, … Continue reading Love is…laugh lines and the letter “P”

Love is…frugality & kazoos

Sunday Love on a Monday raw, honest conversations that increase understanding and intimacy my personal thoughts being both acknowledged and challenged, leading to more personal growth (and decreased anxiety, bonus!) sushi dates at Matsu (mmmm spicy tuna!) spending half the day naked new snazzy outfits! (not mine) new vintage-esque bras! (mine!) (bonus: straps that don't … Continue reading Love is…frugality & kazoos

Love is…heart shaped tomatoes and imaginative travelling

After a busy, busy work week (though it's not over yet), here are some good things: watching (free) movies in bed spicy chips delectable smells coming from the kitchen cleaning the shit out of the apartment (goooo teamwork! high five!) and feeling accomplished when awesome friends have hot dates when my partner plays music and … Continue reading Love is…heart shaped tomatoes and imaginative travelling

banjos & beer, forests & friends

A new direction.... Once you get out of the habit of updating regularly, it becomes really easy to completely lose momentum and motivation. Schedules become busy, focus is elsewhere, time is used up on other things and space is limited. I think in celebration of trying to learn to keep things simple, I will be … Continue reading banjos & beer, forests & friends

Food For Your Belly, Food For Your Skin

Yesterday was such a beautiful day (until I got too much sun + not nearly enough water = got really dizzy and sick). I made two trips to the market. The first time I randomly met up with a few lovely friends who I rarely see these days. I wasn't early enough to score any … Continue reading Food For Your Belly, Food For Your Skin