Love is…happy bellies, knitted bliss, dorky photos, and poetry hidden in the clouds

It’s been oh-so long since I’ve done one of these Love Lists.
Here are some things that have made my heart expand lately…

  • knitting up a storm! (soft, thick yarns in delicious blends of colour)

  • skype dates with faraway friends
  • car windows down in mid November, warm sun on my face
  • empty, winding roads, feeling free
  • sending secret mail
  • sinking deep into myself in the clear & open expanse of silence
  • dreamy voices on the radio (CBC Radio 3 love)
  • lyrical story-telling
  • a gorgeous cover of a Timber Timbre song, by Wilderness of Manitoba
  • Poetry is everywhere, if you just open yourself up to it
  • a father and son setting up a full drum kit in a foggy, empty field behind the subdivision
  • the harbourfront with the tiny lighthouse in my hometown (sitting with legs dangling off the edge, listening to the waves crash up against the pier)

  • stark, skeletal trees dotted throughout open fields
  • moody clouds, rays of sun through shades of grey, opening up the sky

  • empty swing sets in parks
  • all-you-can-eat chinese food buffet
  • the magic of a (competent) chiropractor
  • there’s a band from PEI called ‘Smothered in Hugs’ (I’m not sure how good their music is, but their name totally made me smile)
  • ONSIE PAJAMAS!! Remember those from childhood? Well, they’re back! Proof:

  • laughing to myself about old, funny stories and silly, random thoughts in my head <—there’s nothing wrong with this, I swear!
  • shopping misadventures with my awesome little brother, laughing til my belly hurts (“there’s an onion ring in the bin of knitted socks!”)
  • discounted books from Value Village

How is your week going, friends? What are some of the little details that make you happy?

Wishing you lots of love and beauty xo.

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