33 Ways to Have a Vibrant Day

  1. Walk or drive down a tree lined street with the leaves ablaze with autumn magic
  2. Eat really ripe fruit and let the juices run down your arm
  3. Listen to the chirps and steady piercing hums of the crickets and cicadas in the evening
  4. Watch a no-words-are-adequate-to-fully-describe sunset on the lake
  5. Have a creative retreat with your hotshit-self or an awesome friend
  6. Watch leaves fall, smile and laugh like a kid again
  7. Go for a hike in the woods, get dirty
  8. Paint a room a bright colour
  9. Stock up on Pumpkin Ale at the LCBO and savour savour savour
  10. Get the most out of the last patio-sitting days (drink a crisp beer, sip a hot coffee, have philosophical conversations with friends, re-read your favourite book, write your heart out, )
  11. Wear layers, get creative, mix and match colours and patterns, include lots of soft knitted goods
  12. Stretch the shit out of your weary body, deep breathe
  13. Make friends with books at the library, take advantage of the comfy chairs and free knowledge
  14. Snuggle with a cute dog, or several cute dogs
  15. Build a fire
  16. Take a hot shower
  17. Get sexy if ya wanna, release tension, be wild, be loud, be taken over by pleasure
  18. Watch nature documentaries (particularly BBC ones with the genius of David Attenborough)
  19. Take risks, explore old, abandoned buildings, take photographs, notice the details and the way time and history both corrodes and beautifies
  20. Open up to someone, share your insecurities and your dreams. Be shameless.
  21. Leave love notes on park benches
  22. Make connections with strangers, I’ve had some deep, raw, meaningful, heart-baring conversations with random people that I’ll never speak with again
  23. Give out hugs and high fives in abundance
  24. Dream about travels and adventures, start making plans
  25. Travel and explore your own city, ignite your adventurous spirit, see everything anew
  26. Change your perspective
  27. Bask in the utter silence without discomfort
  28. Do interpretive dance in the kitchen
  29. Drink strongly brewed French press coffee with cinnamon
  30. Wrap yourself in hot towels straight from the dryer
  31. Read Mary Oliver poems or listen to some slam poetry
  32. Read feminist blogs and get passionately committed to advocating for change
  33. Listen to this new Regina Spector song 

What makes your days awesome?


6 thoughts on “33 Ways to Have a Vibrant Day

  1. cravesadventure says:

    I wrapped myself in a clean throw hot from the dryer the other day – AWESOME! A BONUS when I can get 8 hours of sleep and be me for a change than some grouch – ha! Great Post – Happy Tuesday:)


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