An Open (Love) Letter to Those Who Are Struggling

This is a love letter of sorts.

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For those who are struggling, stuck, confused, scared shitless.

For those who are lost, who are unsure of what to do with their lives, or where to go from here.

For those who don’t fit in, who don’t feel like they belong, who feel ‘different’ and out-of-place.

For those who are hurt, or feeling betrayed, or who are feeling lonely, who are aching for love.

For those who are leaving or have left relationships, or have been left behind, hearts-heavy.

For those who are thinking of leaving unfulfilling jobs but are too scared to make a move, or who have left their jobs and are struggling to find more work, to make ends meet, to pay the rent, who are wondering how they are going to get by.

For those who are depressed, and numb, and alone, and desperate for meaning.

For those who are doubting themselves, who are doubting their strengths and their ability to cope, to manage, to juggle, to perservere. For those who believe that they are not-good-enough.

For those who are in transition, or who are dreaming of transition, or who are resisting transition.

For those who are battling addiction, mental illness, pain, and old wounds.

For those who can’t let go, or those who can’t even begin.

For those who are pouring out their emotions, or are locking them inside themselves.

For those who are seeking safety, or those who are silently craving adventure and risk.

For those grieving, for those grasping, for those grappling.

For those who feel like they have lost themselves, and those who are searching in dark corners for something elusive.

We are all facing different challenges and different paths.

We all have different truths and different dreams.

We all have different pasts and different perspectives.

But we are all in this together.

In this big, messy world, that oppresses, that excludes, that kills, that consumes, that sometimes wears us out and leaves us ragged.

We all have innate strength, innate personal power to (re)claim.

We all have luminous beauty and ass-kicking lifeskills.

We all have potential to start over, try again, keep going, take risks, take rests.

We all have permission to say no to expectations, to say yes to our hearts, to fuck-up, to feel-whatever-we-feel, to forgive others, to forgive ourselves, to be exactly-who-we-are-without-shame-or-apologies.

We are all so worthy of love, and acceptance, and support, and success-on-our-own-terms.

We can connect through our pains, through our confusions, through our stumblings.

We can tell our stories, share our struggles, ease the hurt through connection and understanding (when we find someone that says “hey, me too”).

I’ve been there. I am still there/here.

We are all so fucking beautiful.

We can create change with our stories. We can create our own meanings and narratives. We can create our own communities.

We can navigate the flow of life with serenity in our hearts, with the knowledge that everything is gonna be okay.

Because we are supported. We are loved. We are worthy. We are so incredibly capable of rising-up, radiating-light, and radically creating shifts in our lives.

There is so much beauty in this world.

So much hope.

To all the incredible people in my life who are struggling: you continue to inspire me with your beauty, strength, courage, and unwavering capacity to love.

To all the incredible people who I have yet to know: keep inspiring others, keep growing, keep sharing yourselves, and remain open to all possibilities for love.

Love, Sharon xo.

22 thoughts on “An Open (Love) Letter to Those Who Are Struggling

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      Oh wow, it made me so happy to read this! I`m so happy that the words have helped you. I definitely need to (re)read them myself and let them sink in deeply!

      You are fantastic. Thanks for always reading and sending love xo.

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      Hey Brandi, thanks for visiting and for the beautiful feedback! Yes, we all need a good ‘hit in the heart’ sometimes (myself included)! I’d really love to see your letter when you’re ready to share 🙂

  1. Lenora Holloway Roseen says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post, Sharon. I noticed the link you posted in our Facebook group some time ago but, life being what it is right now, I only this moment got around to actually reading it. Truly a gift. Namaste.


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