Photo Journey Part 5

The 30 Days of Creativity adventure continues!

Day 21: Doodle Something and Document it:

Day 22: Explore a Neglected Body Part

Day 23: Transform Something Boring and Mundane into Something Interesting

Day 24: Capture Something Vibrant!

Day 25: Capture Something in Black and White

21. [find your spark]: I was trying to find a message to inspire and motivate myself. My ‘spark’ is like my ‘muse’ – my passion, my energy.
22. [feet]: I neglect my feet all the time. I have structural problems in my feet, which negatively affect my whole posture and body. I think mine are strange looking (but I show them love anyways!)
23. [plastic waterdrops]: I was searching for flowers and treasures in the grass and I found this plastic bag. It was just after a rainfall and I loved the way the water droplets clung to the plastic. Capturing the details up close really transforms the texture and the light.
24. [pride]: Someone painted a really large rainbow on the side of one of the buildings downtown.
25. [train tracks]: I am fascinated by old train tracks and bridges. I love the perspective that all the lines create. It really represents journey and nomadic adventure. They are doing lots of construction on this one so the walkway is currently closed off.  That doesn’t stop kids from climbing it and jumping into the river to swim though.

Wishing you love and adventure this weekend!


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