Love is…beautiful friends & committing to what you love

  • The 120 Day ‘Do What You Love’ challenge by Pollyanna Darling. I’ve got more than enough challenges and projects going on, but if anyone is interested in taking this inspiring challenge on, go for it! 

What do you love? What do you want to commit yourself to?

  • buying a stainless steel water bottle with a moose on it (peeking out from the birch trees) – I love small amusements!
  • air-f’in-conditioning! After years of suffering the stifling heat of small apartments, I no longer feel guilty for using it – guiltless bliss!
  • a view of the lake
  • my awesome brother made me a really great homemade card with a puffin on it – hurrah to cute & thoughtful DIY!
  • organizing my space/falling in love with our apartment all over again
  • cut’n’paste! collaging! pinning these nature-filled ‘dream boards’ above my computer/writing space!
  • fresh, juicy, farmer’s market strawberries
  • hang outs with this rad girl
  • friends who are smitten/being smitten ❤
  • rose petals scattered across the sidewalk
  • Motivation Mondays! (a great way to focus my energy and be held accountable for my writing)
  • (almost) always speaking my mind
  • connecting with a sassy old woman at the chiropractor, who was also not afraid to speak her mind. Having a great discussion about injustice, ableism, and ageism at the doctor’s office? Yes please!
  • my friend Charlotte’s hugs ❤ (they are extra great because we are both the same amount of tiny)
  • having friend crushes – you know, a really cool/interesting/beautiful/fascinating person that you run into all the time (in coffee shops, on the street, on campus) who makes you think to yourself, “Wow, I REALLY WANNA BE THEIR FRIEND!” 
  • when a friend crush asks you out on a friend date!
  • my adventure-seeking, truth-telling, comedy-creating, bold, brazen, fiesty, hilarious, intelligent, expressive, and compassionate best friend, who never fails to ‘get me’
  • seeing a ridiculously handsome (faraway) friend’s face on my computer screen – laughing our asses off and pouring our hearts out.
  • CHOCOLATE BACON CUPCAKES! I don’t think I need to say more because I think the idea sells itself 😉 Please make your way over here if you’re intrigued
  • sauciness! sexy playfulness!
  • the utter excitement and anticipation about a fabulous friend moving back to town (we need to organize a writer’s group in the park!)
  • the most refreshingly honest, open, uncensored, ‘speak from the heart/gut‘ girl that I know, will be visiting next week. Yes!
  • the way my heart always gravitates back to the pull of the river (the river that runs through the city)

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