Photo Journey Part 2

Day 6: Take a photo of water

Day 7: Capture a quiet space where you feel at peace

Day 8: Take a self-portrait to express your feelings today

Day 9: Record a smell that reminds you of a favourite memory

Day 10: Explore a fear

 6: [fish out of water]. a stencil found on the bridge over the creek.
7: [zen moment]. meditation candle in my living room makes me feel at peace
8: [exhaustion]. today i was feeling calm and sleepy
9: [apple & cinnamon]. the scent of slicing through an apple reminds me of when i was a kid and used to play in my uncle & aunt’s backyard full of apple trees. delight! apple and fresh cinnamon remind me of my mum’s apple crisps.

[within the apple trees] family portrait, 1987

10. [in the passenger seat]. i am afraid of driving. i was forced to get my licence by the time i turned 21. i do it when i have to, but i’d rather just walk.

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