Love is….the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge

So, the kick-your-ass (in a really good way) inspiring 30 days of creativity project begins again today! Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s been a year already since I first made my attempt at it. To be honest, I initially hesitated about committing myself to it (last year, a deficit in self-reflection and lack of proper self-care had me spinning out into pit of dizzying panic, trying to come up with on-the-spot-last-minute creative projects at 2am!), but the excitement and possibilities were too great to pass up!

I decided this year to commit to simplicity. I’ve spent a lot of time lately deconstructing what ‘creativity’ means and rebuilding it into something accessible and empowering for myself. After years of considering myself ‘uncreative’ or ‘not-creative-enough-because-I-can’t-or-don’t- ___________’ (something to do with painting beautiful, complex canvases and having art shows and being involved in the local arts community or whatever other ridiculous, limited story I’ve always told myself), I’ve decided to try liberating myself from my mental shackles and embark on an inner creative exploration of sorts.

Creativity is something that is open and accessible to absolutely everyone. Creativity is a frame of mind and a way of exploring your world, not just a specific skill set. Creativity is about vision and intention, not just about action and recognition. Creativity is about breaking free from convention and shifting perspective.

I think an excellent way to practice this is looking through the lens of a camera. I am not a professional photographer in any shape or form, but I am an insatiable devourer of images – they are my playground of sorts. A camera can turn you into an explorer and can give you a fresh, new set of ‘eyes’ .

When I go out with my camera, I am always on the lookout for interesting or unique things to capture. Sometimes though, I think the bigger challenge (and the most exciting one) is when I am able to look at something seemingly ordinary and transform it into something new and beautiful.

This is where the power of the lens comes in – when looking at an object with my own eyes, that object can remain static, but the barrier of the lens can allow me to frame it differently, the get up closer to examine it, to recreate it and infuse it with my own meaning. From the beautiful inspiration of Keri Smith, I am an explorer of [my] world!

Okay, total new blog crush alert! I discovered the stunningly dreamy photographic work of Vivienne McMaster the other week and I can’t stop eating up all her gorgeous and meaningful photos she posts on her blog. The way she views photography as a playful way to see the world and tell your stories completely resonates with me. Yay!

The 30 Days of Creativity challenge is open to anybody and everybody! If anyone wants to join me on the journey, please please do! There really are no rules or limitations, let your imagination roam free. And please be gentle on yourself, if you end up missing a day or so, it is NOT a failure! It’s not a competition, it’s simply a way of exploring yourself and having fun.

from the website

I’ve decided to use my camera (okay I admit it, I’m simplifying it for myself EVEN MORE by using the camera on my phone – it’s going to be a crazy busy month of running around, and my DSLR is heavy shit – accessibility is key! ), but you can use anything :

Pens, paper, markers, crayons
Needle and thread, needle and yarn
Whatever your interest or passion is!

Here’s my schedule. Although I’ll be taking images every day, I’m probably going to just post every 5 days, so there is no flooding of short entries.

Day 1: Capture an interesting texture
Day 2: Capture something from a different angle
Day 3: Find something with primary colours
Day 4: Capture something sensual
Day 5: Take a new route/explore a new area and document it
Day 6: Take a photo of water
Day 7: Capture a quiet space where you feel at peace
Day 8: Take a self-portrait to express your feelings today
Day 9: Record a smell that reminds you of a favourite memory
Day 10: Explore a fear
Day 11: Document something you don’t understand
Day 12: Find something “out of place” in your environment
Day 13: Capture something hidden
Day 14: Find a piece of artwork
Day 15: Capture a word that illustrates your day
Day 16: Document an injustice that makes you angry
Day 17: Capture a moment of love
Day 18: Try to capture an illustration of a sound
Day 19: Capture something that makes you smile
Day 20: Capture contrast
Day 21: Doodle something and document it
Day 22: Explore a neglected body part
Day 23: Transform something boring or mundane into something interesting
Day 24: Capture something vibrant!
Day 25: Capture something in black and white
Day 26: Find something that is always growing
Day 27: Document a favourite building
Day 28: Explore history
Day 29: Capture the light
Day 30: Let a picture tell a story


*you can see my results of the challenge by scrolling down through older entries entitled “Photo Journey”


Happy creating! Xoxo.

19 thoughts on “Love is….the 30 Days of Creativity Challenge

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      Aw, thanks for your sweet comment! It’s so definitely a frame of mind (one that I’m continuously challenging myself on!) I’d love for you to contribute with some of your own – I’m sure you have a unique perspective!


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