Love is…hang outs with my favourite canine pal

The lovely Bossy Femme’s latest post features incredibly adorable photos of her best lady friend along with a mega-amusing narrative of their interactions and connection. She invited people to share photos of their own favourite pet friends. So, to my amusement and delight (and Lily’s canine version of an ‘eye roll’), I whipped out my camera this afternoon and suckered her into (yet another) photo shoot! (Note: she tends to humour me and pose for the scary-black-thing in her face for about 2 minutes before she begins to sneak away from me and bury her face in the pillows.)

today at work, i sewed her a sexy new bandana. she’s probably the most fashionable girl on the block now!

oh yeah, and it’s REVERSIBLE!

she’s so modest about it, i guess that’s just her style.

The weather has been overwhelmingly middle-of-the-summer humid lately – meaning that our poor little apartment has been baking in the hot, stale city air. With me having most afternoons off these days, I’ve been using some of that time to escape to the park by the river with my thick-haired girl.

We’ve had her now for about 6 months and she’s absolutely smitten with us (we’re even more silly in love with her), but the trusting bond has always been a bit lacking in the leash walking department. She’s big and strong enough to yank me off my feet (and almost face first into lamp posts) when she decides to bolt after another dog. She makes me furious at times, but those damn eyes always soften me in the end. We’re making steady progress and I’m learning to let go of my anxiety and take more gentle control. We’re a team afterall!

We lay in the grass and I rub her belly as she flails around playfully. As I sit meditatively by the water, she sniffs around curiously between the shrubs and old tree roots. I watch as she treads around in the filthy river by the cafe, emerging smelling like dead fish and bird shit, shaking off all over my bare legs.

She’s got melancholy looking eyes and expressive eyebrows. She has an elongated tongue and big grinning teeth. She’s got coarse, wiry hair with a wavy tuft on the top of her back and the softest ears I’ve ever felt. She kneads pillows and blankets like a kitten and carries around her toys gently in her mouth like they were her babies. She’s quirky and quiet, curious and comfortable to cuddle with.

I wish we had a yard and some open space to offer her. I wish we could give her more freedom as she climbs onto the bright orange vinyl chair and stares (what I imagine) dreamily out the window.

Okay, enough of this, I’m gonna go spoon her on the couch!

I’m passing it along. Your turn to share your photos and stories 🙂

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