Love is…self-expansion & bright colours

  • community gardens and new blooms
  • spending a day off doing a circuit of the downtown coffee shops, consuming lots of caffeine, writing, reading & networking. 
  • graffiti in the washroom: “for a good time, try knitting”
  • girl on the street with punctuation printed tights! grammar nerd love! (i’m not a fan of american apparel, but there are always exceptions..)
  • photographing people’s hands (there is such unacknowledged beauty in that)
  • a woman outside gardening, the husky voice of Leonard Cohen filling the air
  • street stencilling and guerilla art
  • the first sip of coffee in the morning 
  • always paying attention to the details while walking (being mindful)
  • an inviting space that brings together a community of people (where strangers talk to eachother comfortably and freely, even if not formally introduced)
  • bright art hung on the  walls
  • the sun on your skin to heat the cool breeze
  • realizing that everything is going to be okay, and just letting things flow freely  (everything is exactly as it should be)
  • journal writing prompts
  • talking about life and struggles and inspiration by the river
  • speaking out at work-related workshops about the importance of sex-positive spaces
  • being acknowledged for the work that you do
  • the anticipation of the upcoming art show I organized with a really talented and thoughtful friend 
  • the adorable and swanky new wine bar downstairs (and the unexpected generosity of a free bottle of wine. so many thanks!)
  • a wall of bright nail polish colours
  • getting photographs developed and having them turn out even better than expected
  • gaining insight and perspective (continually acknowledging that you don’t know everything is a true sign of intelligence – always keep growing and challenging yourself!)
What ways do you challenge yourself? What are you so passionate about, something  that you are committed to (loudly) speaking out about?

2 thoughts on “Love is…self-expansion & bright colours

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      I love bathroom/street/wherever graffiti! Well, only ones that serve a purpose of course… I love how subversive or quirky or thought-provoking they can be. Anything that transforms an ordinary object (or space) into something with an important message – something that makes you do a double take. I try to photograph as many examples as I can! (unfortunately, the camera with a lot of them on it broke, so they’re all gone…)

      I’m totally intrigued to see your found graffiti! 🙂 xo.


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