Love is….a whole lot of uninhibited, gushing out laughter

“we stretched out side by side on the bed and began. By pretending, of course. Forced laughter. Laughable laughter. Laughter so laughable that it made us laugh. Then it came, real laughter, total laughter, taking us into its immense tide. Bursts of repeated, rushing, unleashed laughter, magnificent laughter, sumptuous and mad…And we laugh our laughter to the infinity of laughter…O laughter! Laughter of sensual pleasure, sensual pleasure of laughter; to laugh is to live profoundly.”(Milan Kundera, the book of laughter and forgetting [quote from Annie Leclerc’s Parole de femme])

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  • deep breathes, calming breaths, energizing breathes, breathes that create space in your body, remembering to breathe
  • this is a really cool yoga & natural wellness site
  • having a spontaneous (absolutely non-creepy) conversation with a random old man on the street, about Buddhism, mindfulness, the power of smiling at strangers, critical thinking, how everything is connected, and the downfalls of our capitalist society. Best question he asked: “do you think our government exists to keep us in fear and docile?” An insightful conversation and kind words can make someone’s day.
  • chipped nail polish
  • spontaneous roadtrips to Brighton to pick up friends. Then Toronto. Then back to Peterborough.
  • got to hold a baby chick in my hand, for the first time in my life (so soft and WARM)
  • getting dressed up – powder pink puffy skirt, powder blue plastic large beaded necklace, smoky grey vintage floral tights, peach t-strap flats
  • someone playing ‘dress up’ in your closet
  • group hugs
  • gross drive-thru food on the road (it’s really the only way to do it)
  • laughing to retro songs and modern pop
  • watching feminist porn in an old church, with a packed room full of attractive strangers…completely sober.
  • being awkwardly sober, and laughing about it
  • Portlandia clips on youtube
  • spending an entire weekend with some super cool kids, who are just as silly, dorky, weird and adventurous as we are
  • getting to see so many important friends who have moved away
  • having someone awesome make an awesome dinner for you 
  • bookcases. looking through books. the first thing I do whenever I visit someone’s home, is go directly to their bookshelf (it can tell you so much about a person)
  • getting to see and hear Ani DiFranco play for the first time ever, for free, thanks to such beautiful generosity xo.
  • getting lost, even with google maps *and* a GPS on hand, and instead of getting frustrated, laughing about it
  • sharing stories, sharing worries, shared stories, shared worries (so comforting)
  • 90’s grunge music revival (for one day only)
  • getting the opportunity to see leonard cohen next month (!)
  • how I never stop falling in love, how there are still many days when my heart skips and swells (other than the days I want to shake with frustration, of course – I’m still working on my reactions! hah)
  • making to-do lists, and gettin’ shit done
  • going above and beyond for something you’re passionate about
  • the fact that I have such wonderful, creative, badass, inspiring, and majorly intelligent women in my life (and I want to bring them together – oh, there’s unstoppable power in that! fuck yes!)
where have you found love & strength this week?
who inspires & empowers you?


6 thoughts on “Love is….a whole lot of uninhibited, gushing out laughter

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      I love your answer. It’s so incredible to be able to plant something and nourish its growth. I tried gardening (mind you, it was in a small apartment) for the first time last year and it was so exciting! not all the plants made it til the end of the summer, but a good first attempt 🙂

  1. Kate says:

    This is one of my favorite sentences maybe ever: “watching feminist porn in an old church, with a packed room full of attractive strangers…completely sober.”
    Today: strong tea (ginger peach) and a promise to myself to celebrate work getting done with a big slice of gluten free chocolate cake that is actually quite delicious. I will warm it up and eat it *slowly*…

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      haha YES!!! I’m so glad someone else appreciates it as much as I do! What an exhilarating (and slightly uncomfortable!) experience – I highly suggest it!

      Ohhh, I love the sound of your day (mmm). Question: are you entirely gluten-free? I’m asking because I’ve decided to try taking gluten out of my diet for a week or two to see if it improves my health issues. It’s incredibly difficult so far (day 3) because ALL my favourite foods have gluten and wheat 😦 No amount of rice and beans will make me feel full either haha. Suggestions welcomed and very much appreciated 🙂

      • Kate says:

        I felt better within days of going gluten free (yes, I sneak a bite of crab rangoon once every few months, otherwise no cheating)…. I hope it is very clearly helpful or very clearly not– because it is hard to sustain. I have lots of tricks and goodies to share if you’re interested. Feel free to write if you want– icantwhistle at yahoo dot com.

      • allthesoftplaces says:

        Here’s to hoping! It’s kinda kicking my ass so far (I’ve been munching on trail mix – I haven’t been very prepared for this haha)

        I’ll definitely take you up on that offer if this is something I need to continue for awhile. Diet restrictions can make one really innovative and creative I’ll bet! 🙂 You’re too kind.


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