Love is…liquid pick-me-ups & crossed legged slow-me-downs

  • going into work feeling like utter-shit…then getting the day off to rest & recover
  • surprise visits and couchsurfing exploration (seriously, if you’ve never done it, check out that site. cheap way to travel and connect at the same time)
  • new skirt that looks foxy with brown tights
  • after a few days of feeling completely listless, waking up on Sunday morning with a renewed sense of (my version of) normalcy
  • afternoon martini dates/pick-me-ups
  • pumpkin pie martini and beet, chevre and candied walnut salad (feeling uber-swanky, if only for an hour or so…)
  • raw, honest conversations (discovering a new layer to someone)
  • after days of dull and grayness, a super-warm, sunny, summer-esqe day emerges (sitting on patios in a t-shirt)
  • walk in the woods at Jackson Park (exploring, soggy boots, ice cold creek water flowing over hands, coffee with too much sugar, holding hands)
  • buying chocolate bars
  • reminiscing about new love and first points of connection
  • yoga & meditation at the little yellow house, breeeeath and sloooow that brain down! (…exhale)
  • stretching my body, sweating, shaky legs, but still able to pull off the moves! (result: achy shoulders. oops!)
  • walking in the heavy rain when you know you’re on your way home and you can change into warm clothes right away
  • meeting someone new, making plans
  • disability theory convos (new ideas, shared ideas)
  • new goal to start reaching out to more people again. yep.

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