Love is…old photos & new celebrations

  • nostalgia and reconnection
  • lights off, white sheets pinned to wall, old projector, glass of wine, the four of us gathered on the couch, a large box of slides you didn’t know existed, family history of photographs dated 1973-1989 (my mum, aged 20, skinny like me, long hair in pig tails, tiny bikini, model-esque poses, shy smile, freckles, summer vacation to Yugoslavia with a friend….babies in blankets, squished faces, plastic kiddie pools in the yard, sandboxes, huge smiles, missing teeth, funny faces (laughing so hard you cry in pain), kites, apple trees, the kids are chubbier, the parents are skinnier, birthday parties, camping, rocky shores, food on faces, all the clichéd family photos but also the quirky, beautiful ones that mean more, that capture moments not posed, but unexpected, awkward and real.)
  • visits from an uplifting, inspiring and oh-so-fucking hilarious friend
  • breakfast at The Garnet, dinner at the Garnet (cheap and mega-tasty)
  • chicken noodle soup
  • sleeping in
  • waking up early
  • hot showers
  • #occupytoronto
  • cooking together, listening and dancing to music (black bean burgers with spicy mayo, homemade fries)
  • nature documentaries with herbal tea and blankets night after night
  • nature documentaries with david attenborough
  • knitwear
  • oil of oregano (vile tasting but hopefully effective)
  • vitamins vitamins vitamins
  • lots of lots of water, lots and lots of ginger tea
  • putting together and delivering my first workshop to the entire agency (anti-oppression, ableism, self-reflexivity)
  • sexy (witty) safe sex (rad condom pouches c/o Durham Region Health Services)
  • being someone’s favourite person in the world ❤ (sharing life with someone)
  • coming home to a clean apartment
  • thinking about old friends and favourite summers
  • the rich experience of seeing all these old friends in one room (err, tent), all dolled up, dancing, drinking, laughing, celebrating the love of two of our favourite people (the most incredible, compatible couple I’ve ever met)

jer & tea


6 thoughts on “Love is…old photos & new celebrations

  1. C.B. Wentworth says:

    Am I crazy for loving those candle holders? 🙂

    Your workshop sounds very interesting. We could use something like that where I work!

    As always, your list is a bright spot in my day. Thanks for sharing.

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      i always love your feedback 🙂

      haha i was in love with the candle holders too. in fact, i wanted to take home all the decorations. i like bringing nature indoors sometimes hah.

      the workshop was great, though the majority of it was constructed from other fantastic workshops i’ve been to by an amazing disability rights activist and educator, dave hingsburger.

      i think all organizations/institutions should have mandatory anti-oppression training 🙂


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