Love is…positive politics & pizza parties

  • friends and others coming together in community (mourning, sharing, crying, telling stories, sharing experiences, laughing)
  • seeing friends who generally live so far away
  • long distance calls from Bali
  • sharing guacamole at the Only cafe
  • being more and more in love everyday
  • watching movies under blankets…with bags of potato chips
  • people laughing in the kitchen
  • people singing in the living room
  • impromptu pizza parties (garlic dipping sauce)
  • KEY LIME PIE (I WANT TO EAT AT LEAST TEN MORE OF THEM)          ——> a quick and easy recipe can be found here
  • pumpkin spice lattes
  • anticipation of pumpkin beer
  • Week 3 (ish) med-free!
  • loving my (new) job, getting so much meaning out of teaching and learning from others
  • painting my first canvas since…high school! (really, when I learn to let go, learn to stop (over)thinking, learn to stop controlling, and just fucking put paint to brush to canvas, it feels a lot less intimidating and less awful…more natural, more freeing, more relaxing, easy to get lost in the swirlings of shades)

an iceberg we saw while in newfoundland

  • walking in the woods with my mum and the dog. peace and connection at its finest (not a soul in sight)
  • changing colours of the leaves
  • especially the bright red of the sumac fruit and leaves
  • solidarity – people coming together to protest for justice (we are the 99%!)
  • after two really awful pieces of news this week, finally hearing something positive for the social justice movement (thank you Supreme Court for supporting Human Rights and Harm Reduction)
  • playing Girl Talk at the bar. Having strangers and friends participate. Thank you extremely sexist/hetero-normative board games from the late 80’s/early 90’s! (we know better now)
  • seeing friends on the street
  • voting soon! (please don’t support hate. please don’t support ignorance.)
  • having such talented, smart, hilarious, loving and crazy (in a good way) people in my life ❤
  • oh, and other good things that I forgot about (I should start taking notes)
“[mindful meditation] has everything to do with holding the present moment in its fullness without imposing anything extra on it, perceiving its purity and the freshness of its potential to give rise to the next moment. Then, knowing what is what, seeing as clearly as possible, and conscious of now knowing more than we actually do, we act, make a move, take a stand, take a chance” – kabat-zinn

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