Love is…laugh lines and the letter “P”

Monday is the new Sunday, apparently.

  • mindfulness meditation (learning to be fully present in the moment -even if only for a moments here & there- letting go of expectations and the desire to change everything all the time…just.simply.stopping. <—it’s not simple)
  • Charlotte’s blueberry bran muffins (the key is molasses here, folks)
  • participating in positivity, praise, pride in someone’s progress and accomplishments
  • ideas! ideas! ideas! they’ve just been a’flowin’ lately (passion prevails!)
  • Peterborough Pride Parade (fun, energy, colours, sauciness, love & beer)
  • alliteration of the letter “P”
  • photography workshops (with a super cool lady!) learning how to take (hopefully) good photos off the ‘automatic’ setting
  • practicing photography every chance I get (and probably bugging everything whose faces I shove my lens in) – exciting new passion to share in, yeah! (who wants to go on some walks/excursions?!)
  • somewhat related but still clearly worth mentioning: impromptu photoshoots with Gareth (laughing about imagined celebrity statuses)
  • making the conscious decision to stop my anxiety medication because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while now – persistence & perserverence with riding out the lovely (read: nasty) side effects (note: the meditation mentioned above helps). This is around Day 7 med free (proud!)
  • Jennifer castle (a cool dudette named Iris shared it with me and it gaves me SHIVERS, no lie. It’s that hauntingly beautiful)
  • Indian food, especially from Shafiq’s (chicken korma, onion bahji, naan, aloo gobi) (BONUS: leftovers!)
  • laughing and joking with him (moments upon moments of pure uninhibited closeness)
  • laugh lines at the corners of eyes
  • I now know 5 chords on guitar and can play a really basic tune. Rockstar!
  • patterns of clouds, shades of the evening sky (I’m always looking upwards these days. Literally)
  • sitting in the shower, and then plugging the bathtub (the best of both worlds!)
  • running for the warmth of under the covers
  • I cannot get enough toasted tomato/cucumber/cheddar sandwiches
  • people watching on the street
  • watching someone really intensely focused on knitting something (so calm)
  • cardamom
  • subtle colour changes in the leaves
  • tree bark
  • free zoos (otters swimming underwater and kids chattering excitedly, monkeys hanging out, birds strutting their stuff, emus being just plain scary)
  • looking at pictures of (mini) Bernedoodles on the internet! If I can’t get a Bernese Mountain dog, maybe I can hope for something with some resemblance….

What’s one awesome thing that’s happened to you this week so far?  What have you learned?



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