Love is…frugality & kazoos

Sunday Love on a Monday

  • raw, honest conversations that increase understanding and intimacy
  • my personal thoughts being both acknowledged and challenged, leading to more personal growth (and decreased anxiety, bonus!)
  • sushi dates at Matsu (mmmm spicy tuna!)
  • spending half the day naked
  • new snazzy outfits! (not mine)
  • new vintage-esque bras! (mine!) (bonus: straps that don’t constantly fall off the shoulders, causing me to slouch)
  • being part of a community, both at work and outside
  • increased Signing skills, learning more and communicating more effectively
  • spontaneous visits to the Art Gallery on my walk home (finding peace, quiet and meditation)
  • Silver Bean Cafe (again & again until it closes for the season next month)
  • experiencing an intimate moment with my surroundings
  • sleeping surrounded by pillows
  • visits from out-of-town
  • fleeting breezes
  • looking for books on Amazon
  • looking for dresses on Etsy
  • not buying anything 🙂
  • getting to share in our good friends’ wedding day (beautiful, simple, meaningful, genuine) at an old farmhouse in the country – with awesome people, free wine, delectable desserts (cookie dough truffles?!!), sweet music, lots of love and drunken laughter

  • plane tickets to Thunder Bay (in November – brrrrr!)
  • cooler weather (sweaters! tights!)
  • hotter weather again (okay fine, I’ll take it back…for now)
  • Soju (thanks Toph!) – tastes like a lighter, sweet version of vodka, South Korean style!
  • singalongs and spontaneous jam sessions, listening to Daniel Romano and Willie Nelson
What do you love this week?

4 thoughts on “Love is…frugality & kazoos

  1. C.B. Wentworth says:

    I look forward to your lists . . . they are so uplifting and remind me to make similar lists for my self.

    The Silver Bean Cafe sounds like a wonderful place to hang out. I would love to hear more about it. 🙂

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      I’m so glad someone notices them! Really, it’s an exercise for myself to pay more attention to the good stuff (no matter how small) instead of just the things I don’t have or think I should have (things = not in the material sense).

      The Silver Bean is the best spot in town in the summer/fall. It’s a boathouse turned cafe, nestled right beside the Otonabee river along a short trail – filled with gardens, monuments and great sitting spots. The cafe has a big patio overlooking the water and you can also bring your drinks down to sit on the big slabs of stone at the edge of the water or boat dock (there are always hoards of ducks and small bold sparrows eagerly awaiting your leftover food). The place is always packed with people – chatting, eating, laughing, reading, writing, playing music, playing with dogs, having meetings. There are also lots of community events and festivals that are held in the area as well. It’s a great place for photos! I’ll have to try to take some photos sometime. 🙂

      As always, thanks for your lovely comments


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