Love is…heart shaped tomatoes and imaginative travelling

After a busy, busy work week (though it’s not over yet), here are some good things:

  • watching (free) movies in bed
  • spicy chips
  • delectable smells coming from the kitchen
  • cleaning the shit out of the apartment (goooo teamwork! high five!) and feeling accomplished
  • when awesome friends have hot dates
  • when my partner plays music and looks good doing it
  • learning my first three (successful) chords on guitar
  • those moments of feeling so utterly, fluttery in love
  • reading about the history of newfoundland
  • going to the market and getting paid for it
  • juicy plums
  • heart-shaped tomatoes

  • building rapport at work, connecting, relating, and sharing in successes
  • journaling by the water
  • phone dates with friends far away
  • being excited about someone’s upcoming travels and solo-adventures
  • arizona green iced tea
  • neck stretches – easing pain
  • kundalini yoga, feeling calm, feeling strong, feeling inspired (try the “Breath of Fire“)
  • coffee made with a french press! the smell of freshly ground beans….mmmmm
  • david hingsburger’s blog
  • the show “departures” – traveling in my mind (I want to go HERE now! Glorious photos)
  • wanting to explore this province, this country, the world! to experience it all!