banjos & beer, forests & friends

A new direction….

Once you get out of the habit of updating regularly, it becomes really easy to completely lose momentum and motivation. Schedules become busy, focus is elsewhere, time is used up on other things and space is limited. I think in celebration of trying to learn to keep things simple, I will be dedicating this blog to the things that I love – in list form. It’s easier to keep up with and it will be a good exercise in positivity (for an over-anxious brain). After crawling through a lovely little bout of depression and uncertainty, this is a way to remind myself that things are not so bad and that there is lots to celebrate. There is so much love around and it’s nice to share it. The aim is to post every Sunday to review the good stuff of the week(s) past. No pressure though 🙂

 Sunday Love! (looking back on two weeks)

  • the farmer’s market and all the fresh colourful fruit (peaches! wild blueberries! sweet plums! concord grapes! heirloom tomatoes!!)
  • eating more fruit and feeling good about it
  • picking wild blackberries

haliburton forest, august 2011

  • running into friends and good people on the street, at the market, at shows, everywhere these days (lots of friends have moved to different cities and I was perhaps feeling alienated, but there are people around, they’re not hiding – maybe I was hiding)
  • compliments from strangers, smiles with good intent
  • spending time with new people, connecting and getting to know them better, reconnecting with others
  • all you can eat sushi!!!!
  • planning movie dates/art and craft dates/sushi making dates
  • good beer
  • buying a new album straight from the artist (please listen to The Weather Station – she will warm your heart a million times over)
  • conversations about travelling, the beauty of particular landscapes, the spiritual experience of being in nature, in solitude
  • hiking! road trips! (we explored the haliburton highlands and went walking through one of the many trails in the haliburton forest, we spontaneously went to warsaw to the caves and the forests)

little frog friend at warsaw conservation area, august 2011

the kindness killers play old country songs
sheesham and lotus play old tyme entertaining tunes that make you want to dance and stomp your feet and drink lots of beer

colours of the sky, there’s music in the air

the view from here (ptbo folk fest 2011)

  • witty, smart, independent, self-assured, beautiful women that play music, especially the banjo (re: The Good Lovelies)
  • taking more photos, learning how to take better photos, seeing the world through a lens, exploring creativity
  • going-away parties (not because someone is leaving, but because you get to spend some quality time with them and connect with others)
  • finding out that you got the position at your work after thinking all week that you screwed up the interview really badly
  • sitting safely sheltered in a bar during an intense lightening storm (the raw, beautiful, scary power of nature), drinking wine with friends and the power not going out
  • good, geniune, hearty hugs
  • sharing in music with a friend
  • knowing that you are loved
  • tshirts with philosopher’s and author’s faces on them (check him out)
  • etsy and cute dresses
  • honest conversation with parents (realizing that we all struggle in our own ways)
  • advocating for disability rights (striving for self-advocacy), maintaining an anti-oppressive politics in day-to-day work life
  • teaching others, learning from others
  • self-reflexivity, introspection
  • reading books, reading books in parks under trees
  • farley mowat and books about newfoundland
  • cafes by the water
  • having a little secret nook by the water to reflect
  • cool breezes
  • deep-fried perogies
  • wine and porches on a summer night
  • friends who make or do beautiful things
  • skype dates and laughter with friends overseas
  • thinking good thoughts about friends in other places
  • finding random messages (if you look hard enough)

posted on a bridge at warsaw conservation area

have a great week, friends xo

2 thoughts on “banjos & beer, forests & friends

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      Such a lovely comment to find, thanks! I’ve been away so long so it’s comforting to see 🙂

      I’m excited to check out your blog again. Seems like I’ve missed a ton (including your freshly pressed post – congrats!!!). You’re a beautiful writer, really.


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