Cut n’ Paste Inspiration (Words I Need to Tell Myself)

Day 25: So I got crafty with scissors, glue and scrapbook paper today. It’s my favourite type of crafting by far! I used up some more old photo frames and make some simple pictures to put inside. Please note: the two frames are so ugly. I bought them for 25 cents each, thinking they were the good/awesome kind of ugly, but I was wrong. If I had more time today, I would have painted them.

I’ve been feeling pretty down lately. Somewhere along the way, I misplaced my self-confidence and I’m still searching around everywhere for it. This project is a bit personal because they are meant to be reminders to myself. I’m going to hang them above the computer desk to that they are staring me in the face each day.

Simplify: is for decluttering my surroundings and my mind (it gets so messy in there sometimes even when I am not always entirely conscious of it)…

Let Go: let go of control, (take some risks), let go of expectations, let go of the past, let go of worrying about what other people think, let go of shortcomings…

You are Enough: I am enough. I don’t always live up to my own expectations, but I am enough. Be gentle. I am not someone else. I am not always who I want to be but I am enough. I can always strive for growth and new experiences, but for now, it is enough…repeat. repeat. repeat.

What do you need to tell yourself?

6 thoughts on “Cut n’ Paste Inspiration (Words I Need to Tell Myself)

  1. Colleen says:

    I love your simply yet creative word plaques. My favorite is the You are Enough one. I am writing a blog entry about being enough and I wonder if I may use your picture if I give you picture credit and link back to you blog?

  2. Jenny says:

    I just happened to find this blog in my google search to understand the pain the permeates my whole existence. Both physical and emotional pain tears me to pieces every day. I hate myself these days.

    Why do I bother hoping to find reason or perspective in the cold, vast, isolating cyber-world of information.

    But why did I see the words that are making me cry buckets right now? Something I have not been told, nor have I been able to tell myself for years.

    “you are enough”

    Why don’t i feel it? I live in a world of betrayal, pain, I, I was left behind by the one I loved the most… When I needed him the most. Oh he’s still here… But not really.

    Just one of too many ….

    I just so desperately want to believe this. I have only ever wanted to love and to be loved. I wanted nothing to do with selfishness, neglect, abuse, and this incredible loneliness! It makes me want to scream…

    I am far from perfect. But I’ve always known that. I never wanted to be perfect…. I wanted to be enough.

    I just want to believe it. But I’m lost in a life that reminds me every single day: I am NOT enough…

    I got injured. It wasn’t my fault. I have fought so hard for eight years. I try to be brave. But I find myself alone. It hurts more when you can’t see the damage. The brain that was shaken, bashed against the dashboard as we were hit head on by a drunk driver… Eight years ago.

    I used to be enough. I hear it every day. The old Jenny. The dynamic Jenny. The un-injured Jenny.

    She’s long gone now. But I am not allowed to accept the new me. I am left to feel worthless and lost. I love but it is not accepted. So I am lost.

    I want love so badly. My whole person agonizes to hear those words:
    You are enough.

    I pray and I pray that I will hear these words… Even if only from myself.

    • allthesoftplaces says:

      wow, this was a really powerful story to read. i can’t claim to know the ‘right’ words to say or have the ‘right’ advice (maybe you are not even looking for that anyway), but i want you to know that i’ve been thinking about you all day (since i first read this) and am hoping that you are safe and okay. there is so much pain in your words and i am sorry for all the trauma you’ve been through. i hope that you can learn to believe that you are enough (it seems like you’ve been through a lot of tough things, so you must be a really strong person!)

      can you find other people who have been through a similar experience? i’m sure there are support groups/communities that exist wherever you live (and lots online as well) for brain injury survivors. could you scout out one to join? perhaps it will help to share with others? know that you are not alone…

      sending you love and support.


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