Scrap Fabric Framed Art

Day 23: My fab-tastic friend Dolly Bee shared my day of creativity with me this afternoon. We watched another nature documentary, ate lunch and began cutting out pieces of fabric for a super rad bright blue polka dot dress that she’s going to help me make. I’ve never used a sewing pattern before so I’m borrowing her super-skillz for this upcoming project (is it cheating if it turns into a 2 day endeavor?)

I was fretting about what else to make today. I’ve been struggling a bit with the every-single-dayness of this challenge. It is both inspiring and stressful as I find myself wide awake at 11pm night after night exclaiming “AHHH, WHAT AM I GOING TO MAKE?!?”  Can you really force creativity all the time? Does it cease to be “authentic” this way? It’s a BRILLIANT idea and initiative, but it’s making my anxiety go mad!

Anyway, without much thought to my question (plea?), she casually suggested using bits of scrap fabric and framing them. YES! It’s nice to have the minds of other creative folk around to give me boosts on days where I just feel like crawling into bed and sleeping all day.

oh, I sure do love glare in photos….

In other fun news, I bought a new camera today! It was a bit of a spontaneous purchase, but I knew that we needed a better quality camera for our upcoming Newfoundland adventures. It would be awful to miss opportunities to fully document the beauty of the landscapes. I got a Canon DSLR Rebel XS, which is an older model and therefore much more affordable (gotta love sales as well). Apparently it’s a great camera for a beginner who is just transitioning from point and shoot cameras to DSLRs. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to start learning and shooting. I probably could have taken a far less awkward shot of today’s project!

Anyone else out there participating in the 30 days of creativity challenge?
What obstacles have you been facing? What keeps you motivated?

I’d love to see everyone’s creations! xo.


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