So very fawn-ed of this dress now :)

For day 14, I finally completed a project that I had started a few days ago. I had to give up on it because handstitching stretchy cotton fabric is the worst!

I bought this really plain cotton dress last summer with the intention of stitching an applique to it to make it snazzier and add some colour. But in my usual fashion, I kept putting it off and eventually let go of the idea. Now I’ve finally found a reason and the motivation to do it!

I used a really simple stencil that I had made awhile back to cut out the fabric.

It was a really tricky fabric and began to fray as soon as I cut out out. After doing some research, I ran out to Fabricland to pick up this stuff called ‘Fray Chec’ that seals the edges of the fabric.

My first attempt at handstitching failed because the sealer had made the fabric too stiff, and also due to general impatience 🙂

This afternoon I went out to the Supported Employment program of the agency I work for to use one of their sewing machines. Good company and saved time! I should really invest in a machine one of these days.

What are your DIY summer dress ideas?

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