Day 8: Sweet Dreams, Lil’ Night Owl

Day 8 of 30 days of creativity, I made a sweet smelling owl buddy to tuck under my pillow when I sleep. He smells of herbal aroma-goodness, his belly stuffed with lavender, chamomile, rose and flax seed. I need some good restful sleep, for once.







I cut out basic owl shapes with some awesome owl fabric (original thinking, I know). I then mixed together some dried flowers and flax seed, added some essential oils that are known for their sleep-inducing qualities (lavender, roman chamomile, sweet orange, geranium), and shook it all together.

I picked out some coloured felt for the eyes and the nose of the owl, and some buttons to accentuate the eyes.

I handstitched the two pieces of fabric together (handstitching = grrr) and then filled it with the flower mixture.  Then, just finish stitchin’ it up!







He’s pretty shabby cute!


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