Day 5: Tomato Planter Stencil

I was super low on time today, so my Day 5 project is pretty simple. We went out to pick up some more soil today and I picked up a cheap plastic blah-looking pot for my cherry tomato plants. It was about 9pm by the time we got to the store so I decided to just pick up a couple cheap craft supplies there to decorate the pot, in order to make it look a bit more presentable.

I purchased a  felt-border and some alphabet stencils. If I had more time, I would have made my own stencils (this usually means simply printing off a silhouette image from the computer, cutting it out, applying it to the surface, and then painting over it – though using regular paper means that the paint can bleed a lot). Other supplies used included white acrylic paint, a paint brush and some super-glue.

I need a better camera

My plants are doing so well! I’m so excited that I haven’t killed them yet. I’ve bcome near-obsessed with keeping them happy and thriving these days. Pretty good accomplishment for a person who has never grown anything before (I had a rosemary plant once, and it died a couple weeks later. sigh).

Tiny space garden with a grow light.

Goodnight! xo.


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