Try this: Finger Paints!

Day 3 of 30 Days of Creativity:

I discovered a really fun way to let go of control when it comes to creating ‘art’. I don’t usually create because I tend to get stuck on making something exactly “right”. That awful all or nothing kind of attitude is the kind of thinking that is the antithesis of (free flowing) creativity. Obvious, right.

It takes ages to start writing because I’m searching for the ‘right’ words,
The canvas stays blank because that first brushstroke needs to have the ‘right’ touch,
It all needs to be thought out fully before I begin.
It’s limiting and stifling.
It prevents a natural progress and flow.
Just let it go.
Just. Start. Anywhere.

I was having lunch with someone today and this topic came up. Finger paints were suggested. We rushed right out to the craft store, got a box of multi-coloured Crayola kids paints and a huge roll of brown craft paper. The advice: Close your eyes, dip your hands into the paint, swirl it around in a way that feels natural. Then envision a specific or a general scene or memory. Keep your eyes closed and move your fingers over the paper and through the paint in whatever direction or motion that you want.

See an image or scene, imprint it in your mind in whichever way you interpret it, and then dream it onto the paper. Simple. Don’t worry if it looks like shit. It’s kids’ paint! And its authentic (meaning, you didn’t overanalyse it, or do it for anyone other than yourself).

So I did it. Kinda. I didn’t close my eyes. I didn’t use the same techniques. But I threw swirls of colour on paper, mixing and texturing and splashing and flicking and blending and using fingers and hands, any even an elbow.

Voila! Amateur volcanic explosion?!

I didn’t fully let go, but it was close. It was fun! It was pretty freeing. It’ll take some more practice.

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