garden herbs & soup

Yesterday, I spent the latter part of my afternoon sitting on a lovely friend’s porch, sipping earl grey tea and talking about sex, relationships, work and gardening. the sun was finally out, the air was slightly humid and my heart felt full with the anticipation of summer (sitting in parks, swimming in rivers, going on afternoon road trips, potlucks, campfires, reading, self-care). That day, I finally decided to cut back on some work hours due to a building sense of overwhelming stress and potential burnout. Summer: more relaxation, renewal, possibility to build something new?

We went out to the backyard garden to pick some fresh herbs. Lovage and Sorrel. I’ve never tried either one before. Lovage, I was told, tastes similar to celery (which I’m not a fan of) and Sorrel has a distinct sour lemony taste (which I am a huge fan of). I brought it home with some good advice to puree the sorrel into a soup. I looked up recipes online and discovered it is a traditional eastern european dish, generally made with water, salt, pureed sorrel, and egg, with a dollop of sour cream on top. The leaves can also be used for mixed green salads.

There’s some interesting information about the herb and it’s history here. (apparently it was used for centuries as a means to prevent scurvy due to its rich vitamin c content)

Seems like this soup is refreshing and perfect for Spring. Here are a couple good sounding simple sorrel soup recipes I stumbled upon.

Spring Sorrel Soup

Gastronomer’s Guide to Sorrel Soup

I’m going to try making some tonight for dinner.

Thanks Charlotte!


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