The Topic of ‘Want’ and the Search for Meaning

This is a good article:

A good life is not the same thing as a meaningful life.  And the search for a meaningful life does not necessarily lead to a dramatically changed life.

Sometimes we seek meaning by finding something new, adding to our lives, or creating change.  Other times, when we pay attention, we find meaning in the life we already have.

Either way, allowing ourselves to search for meaning makes the greatest difference.

Emphasizing meaning in life is a radical notion.  We spend much of our time creating lives that are expected of us.  We fulfill obligations and tether ourselves to increasing responsibilities.  Somewhere along the path, many of us have lost touch with what we want for ourselves…

The next time you hear yourself wondering if there is more, tell your gremlin to take a coffee break and indulge the question.  Allow yourself to wonder.  You do not have to make your current life wrong in order to think about what else there could be for you or your family.  You merely have to give yourself permission to dream. Radical.

Start asking yourself, “What do I want?”  When you hear the gremlin-language of  “Should” or “need to,” substitute the word “want.”  And then just notice what happens, what you think about , how it feels.

Start making an effort to be as nice and generous to yourself as you are to others.  If you believe that people should be entitled to happiness, it’s time to remember that you are a person, too.  You are no exception.  You deserve. –

Elaine Taylor-Klaus is a Life, Leadership and Executive Coach and the founder of Touchstone Coaching.  She is a regular columnist.


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