Love List: ‘oh-hi-it-finally-feels-like-spring-outside’ Edition!

  • jones soda revival
  • potted plants in the living room
  • floral tops and skirts
  • sitting on cafe patios beside the creek, drinking coffee and basking in the sun (yum, sunburns)
  • visits from a beautiful friend, on her way to a sunny destination and then back to BC
  • calls from Japan (miss you loads, Dash <3)
  • handmade soap from Simple (mm, almond and chocolate)
  • the smell of fresh ginger (homemade gingerale! fresh ginger and apple juice! ginger infused honey! ginger grated into soup!)
  • sitting in Black Honey reading magazines
  • lavender shortbread cookies! (Black Honey makes excellent ones, I make them for christmas every year – not the linked recipe though. I’m not sure where I got it…)
  • sitting crossed legged on the floor in the library aisles, looking through books
  • deep conversations about life and spirituality at a noisy bar
  • fun friends laughing and dancing and singing and hugging and loving
  • spontaneous ideas
  • open windows
  • incredible pulled pork from a handmade smoker in a backyard (talented chef)
  • sipping red wine
  • housewarming parties filled with awesome people
  • old housemates whom I adore so much
  • lighting candles
  • handmade tub truffles
  • planning a trip to newfoundland and labrador!
  • sharing perspectives
  • polka dotted underwear
  • 90’s dance hits/80’s dance hits
  • afternoon trip to port hope
  • spending time with a super cool dude with a sarcastic sense of humour and a vast knowledge of local history
  • running into an old friend on the street!! (after thinking about wanting to see them that day)
  • antique shopping with boys
  • anyone that does diy (clothing, jewelry, miscellaneous)
  • fancy cocktails/feeling fancy/pretending to be fancy
  • moments of feeling to utterly connected to him (smiling on the inside, beaming outwards)

it’s not all so bad afterall. these reminders are helpful.


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