Love List

I’m a big fan of list making. When I’m feeling crappy or when I need to feel inspired, I make ‘love lists’. I write down all the things I can think about that have been in my life recently that make me happy, allow me to see beauty, make me smile. This is last month’s slightly abridged PG version…

  • hearing the birds in the morning
  • sunlight streaming through our large windows
  • warm tea
  • sitting silently
  • thinking about growing my own herbs and veggies (colourful, crafty seed packets c/o jillian)
  • apartment decor
  • soft blankets
  • the farmer’s market (food, music, community)
  • winter walks in the woods (so quiet)
  • sitting down to devour a guilty magazine with a cup of tea
  • morning yoga stretches
  • feeling my body bend & move/letting go of tension
  • teasing & laughing with him (tummy pains/lack of breath from laughing so hard)
  • laying with/spooning/stroking/tracing torso and limbs
  • car rides through the country
  • the countryside in general (feeling connected, renewed, in awe)
  • the beauty of nature
  • sitting peacefully beside water
  • reading blogs (thinking about the multiplicity of creative expression, living more simply – check out free spirit knits for example
  • phone dates with J (she is instantly uplifting and makes me laugh)
  • Thursday dates with E. (surprises of london fog lattes and heart shaped chocolate)
  • playing music loud/dancing in the kitchen
  • coffee dates/wine dates/good conversations with friends I don’t see often anymore (feeling re-connected)
  • our living room filled with friends – vibrating with laughter and conversation (someone strumming the ukulele, someone banging on the $2 toy xylophone, someone singing)
  • impromptu dance parties to 90’s music
  • talking to new people, getting to know people more
  • lovely compliments from lovely folks
  • the moment you crawl into bed and close your eyes (comfort/safety)
  • planning craft dates (even if they don’t materialize)
  • fruit wine from Kawartha Winery
  • free samples of gourmet cheese from the shop across the street
  • dreaming about having an alpaca farm
  • having a million ideas at once (fantasizing about possibilities)
  • music therapy at work (letting go, dancing, shaking, expressions of pure joy – what a privilege to be a part of these transformative moments of expression)
  • magnetic poetry/dirty poems/silly poems (accessible canvasses)


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